Delhi Metro Allows Passengers to Carry Bottles of Alcohol

Delhi Metro has recently revised its policy regarding the carrying of alcohol on its trains. In response to a now-deleted query on Twitter, the official handle of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) confirmed that passengers are now permitted to carry up to two sealed bottles of alcohol during their journey.

Previously, the transportation of alcohol was prohibited on the Delhi Metro, with the exception of the Airport Express Line. However, a committee comprising officials from the CISF and DMRC has reviewed the regulations, resulting in the updated allowance for two sealed bottles of alcohol per person on the Delhi Metro, aligning it with the provisions on the Airport Express Line.

It is important to note that drinking alcohol within the premises of the metro system remains strictly prohibited. The DMRC emphasizes that passengers must adhere to proper decorum while traveling on the metro.

For a smooth travel experience, passengers are encouraged to follow these guidelines. The DMRC’s decision aims to accommodate the needs of travelers while maintaining a safe and respectful environment on the Delhi Metro.

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