Nothing Phone 2 Launch: Features and Specifications

Discover the impressive Nothing OS 2.0, accompanying the sleek and LED-laden Glyph design of the Nothing Phone (2). With a near-Stock UI experience, Nothing Phone (2) distinguishes itself from other Android phones. Explore the notable features of Nothing OS 2.0 in this article.

Monochromatic App Icon

Experience the allure of sleek monochromatic app icons, complementing Nothing’s aesthetic. Nothing OS 2.0 aims to minimize distractions by introducing a consistent icon pack.

Lockscreen Widget Support:

Enjoy enhanced customization with the addition of new app widgets in Nothing OS 2.0. Interact with interactive widgets on your home screen through tapping and swiping gestures. Furthermore, lock screen widgets offer quick access to up to 8 settings widgets and 2 shortcuts.

Home Screen Layout Customization:

Tailor your home screen to your preferences with Nothing OS 2.0’s extensive customization options. Adjust the app grid by choosing between 4 or 5 columns. You can also display app labels and add Google search to the dock.

Built-in App Locker:

Addressing a popular demand, Nothing OS 2.0 introduces a built-in App Locker. Easily protect your apps by adding them to the locked app list within the settings.

Cloned Apps Feature:

Conveniently use multiple accounts of the same Android app with the Cloned Apps feature. Clone popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, enabling independent logins for different accounts.

Additional Enhancements:

Nothing OS 2.0 offers further enhancements, including Status Bar settings with options to display internet speed, battery percentage, and vibrate mode icon. Moreover, Glyph interface features on the Nothing Phone 2 delight fans of LED lights.


Discover the remarkable features of Nothing OS 2.0, enhancing the functionality and customization options of the Nothing Phone (2). From monochromatic app icons to lock screen widgets, app cloning, and built-in app locking, Nothing OS 2.0 offers an impressive user experience. Embrace the uniqueness of Nothing Phone (2) with Nothing OS 2.0.

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