Unhide Threads Badge on Instagram

Threads, the new Twitter alternative launched by Meta, has gained over 50 million users in a short span of time. Integrated with Instagram, Threads allows users to swiftly join the platform using their existing Instagram accounts. When you join Threads, a Threads badge is displayed in your Instagram bio, notifying your followers of your presence on the platform. While some users have hidden the badge, is it possible to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram? Read on to find out.

Can You Unhide Threads Badge on Instagram?

Currently, there is no option to unhide the Threads badge on Instagram. Once the badge is hidden, it cannot be re-enabled, as Instagram warns users about the irreversible action.

Meta explains that the Threads badge is temporary and serves as a means to inform your followers about your membership on Threads, the new microblogging platform. The badge also displays a unique numerical identifier representing your membership position.

To check for any updates regarding the option to unhide the Threads badge, I updated Instagram to the latest version ( on my Android device. However, no such option was found. Therefore, until Meta introduces the ability to bring back the Threads badge on Instagram, users will need to accept its absence.


At present, un-hiding the Threads badge on Instagram is not possible. Users will have to wait for Meta to introduce the option, if they desire to display the Threads badge again. Stay tuned for any updates on this matter.

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