Gas Leak Incident Hospitalizes 28 Individuals at Gujarat Chemical Factory

On August 24, a gas leak event occurred at a chemical factory near Jambusar in the Bharuch district of Gujarat. This incident led to the hospitalization of 28 people due to the exposure to the leaked gas.

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The occurrence took place at P.I. Industries, situated in the proximity of Sarod village. A fire outbreak prompted the release of Bromine gas, causing breathing difficulties among the affected individuals. They were swiftly taken to a nearby hospital, as confirmed by Gujarat’s Bharuch Resident Additional Collector NR Dhandhal. Ongoing investigations aim to uncover further insights into the incident, with updates to follow.

Around 2,000 workers were present within the factory premises during the leak, which was reported around 1 pm. All employees were successfully evacuated from the site. Sub-inspector Vaishali Ahir of Vedach police station stated, “As many as 18 workers were hospitalized after inhaling bromine gas that leaked from a tank of a chemical factory located at Vedaj village,” according to PTI reports.

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Environmental Compensation Directive Issued to ONGC by GPCB

In a separate development, the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) directed the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to provide ₹50 lakh as compensation for environmental harm caused by a crude oil spill from one of its pipelines in Bharuch district on May 26. This incident has raised concerns as allegations suggest that 25 camels perished due to consuming water contaminated by the oil spill. ONGC, however, refuted any connection between the camel deaths and the oil leakage, as reported by ET.

The contamination stemming from the pipeline affected an agricultural field near Kachhipura village, prompting the GPCB to initiate an inquiry following reports of camel fatalities. Margi Patel, GPCB’s regional officer in Bharuch, affirmed, “We have directed ONGC to pay ₹50 lakh as environmental damage compensation to the state authorities.”
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