GTA 6 Expected Release Date: Late 2024

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The anticipation surrounding the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) continues to build as Take-Two Interactive drops hints about the game’s launch window. In a recent earnings call, the publisher provided clues that have ignited discussions among gamers and industry experts. In this article, we’ll delve into the details shared during the call and explore the potential release timeline for GTA 6.

During Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call, the publisher hinted at the launch of GTA 6 within the next 20 months. The exact timeframe points towards the company’s fiscal year 2025, which concludes in March 2025. The speculation of a GTA 6 release during this period has been fueled by insider reports and Take-Two’s own financial projections.


CEO Strauss Zelnick, speaking during the earnings call, stated that Take-Two has prepared for a “significant inflection point in fiscal 2025.” This remark has been interpreted by many as an indicator of the potential release of GTA 6 during that timeframe. Zelnick further mentioned the company’s expectation of “record levels of operating performance” by March 2025, adding to the speculation.

Balancing Realistic Expectations

While the prospect of GTA 6 releasing in fiscal year 2025 seems promising, it’s important to approach this speculation with a dose of realism. Previous predictions of the game’s release, such as the misinterpretation of a forecast from early 2022, have proven inaccurate. The historical preference of Rockstar, GTA’s developer, for extended marketing campaigns before releases suggests a more measured approach to the game’s launch.

GTA 6 Targeting Late 2024

Assuming GTA 6 aims for a release within Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025, it’s plausible that the game could hit the market by the end of 2024. Historically, most 3D entries in the franchise have been launched around October. This timeline aligns with a recent leak from a credible Rockstar insider, who suggested a holiday 2024 release. The leak also acknowledged the potential for delays due to challenges in retaining developer talent caused by the pandemic’s impact on work policies.

Take-Two’s indication to investors that fiscal year 2025 could be historically lucrative raises hopes for GTA 6’s impending release. With the company’s notable revenue and the anticipation surrounding the game, the excitement for GTA 6’s potential launch in the near future is palpable.

The hints dropped during Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call have sparked discussions and speculations about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. While the exact date remains uncertain, the signs point to a potential launch within the next 20 months, aligning with fiscal year 2025. Gamers around the world eagerly await Rockstar’s official announcements regarding one of the most anticipated games in recent times.

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