When spectating a teammate in Valorant who effortlessly eliminates enemies, you might wonder if their crosshair holds the key to their precision. If you’ve ever had this thought, you’ll be pleased to discover that Valorant allows you to replicate and utilize your teammate’s crosshair settings. This guide will show you how to use the copy crosshair command in Valorant.

With the launch of Valorant patch 5.04 in August 2022, Riot Games introduced the feature to copy crosshair settings from teammates you’re spectating. In the past, players had to search online or ask others for their crosshair codes. Let’s explore how you can replicate a teammate’s crosshair in Valorant.

How to Copy Someone’s Crosshair in Valorant

Step 1: Check for Empty Crosshair Slots

  • Begin your crosshair customization journey in Valorant by ensuring you have available crosshair slots. Follow these steps:
  • Open the settings menu in Valorant.
  • Navigate to the crosshair section where you can manually create your crosshair or copy others’.
  • Click on the “Crosshair Profile” dropdown menu and confirm that none of the 15 slots are occupied.
  • If all slots are full, delete a profile by selecting it and clicking the trashcan icon.

Step 2: Use the Copy Crosshair Command

  • After freeing up slots, you can copy your teammate’s crosshair during a Valorant game using a simple command:
  • Identify the teammate whose crosshair you want to copy.
  • After being eliminated, use the left mouse click to locate the teammate in spectator mode.
  • Once you’ve found the desired crosshair, press Enter to open the in-game chat.
  • Type the Valorant command “/crosshair copy” and press Enter. Alternatively, use “/cc” for quicker execution.
  • Done! You’ve successfully copied the crosshair of the teammate you were spectating.

Step 3: Applying the Copied Crosshair

Use the copied crosshair in your Valorant games with these steps:

  • Access the “Crosshair Profile” option under Crosshair settings in Valorant.
  • Open the crosshair profile dropdown menu to locate the copied crosshair. Select the profile from the dropdown to apply your new crosshair.
  • Rename the copied crosshair by using the edit profile name button to the left of the dropdown menu.

Importing Custom Crosshair Profiles in Valorant:

Valorant also allows players to import or export custom crosshair profiles. If you admire a crosshair used by streamers or pro players, you can easily check Valorant crosshair codes and copy them. Here’s how to utilize the copied crosshair code:

  • Navigate to the crosshair section in your Valorant settings.
  • Find the import crosshair option under the “Crosshair Profile” section.
  • Click the import crosshair button, and a pop-up window will appear. Paste the copied code into the empty text box.
  • Once the code is pasted, the import button will activate. Click it.
  • A confirmation box will appear. Press “Okay” to use the copied crosshair in your Valorant game.
  • To verify the imported crosshair, return to the crosshair profile section. Open the dropdown menu to find your imported crosshair. You can rename the profile as mentioned earlier.

Exporting Your Valorant Crosshair:

If you wish to share your crosshair code with friends or save it for future reference, you can export your crosshair code:

To export the crosshair code, go to the crosshair section in Valorant settings. Click the export button next to “Crosshair Profile,” and the code will be copied. You can paste this code in a note, share it on Discord, or follow our crosshair import guide to use the exported code in any Valorant game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the command to copy a crosshair in Valorant? The command to copy a crosshair in Valorant is “/crosshair copy”. You can also use the shortcut “/cc” for quicker execution.
  2. Can I rename the copied crosshair profile? Yes, you can rename the copied crosshair profile by using the edit profile name button located to the left of the dropdown menu.
  3. How do I import custom crosshair profiles in Valorant? Navigate to the crosshair section in Valorant settings, find the “Crosshair Profile” section, and click the import crosshair button. Paste the copied code into the provided text box.
  4. Where can I find Valorant crosshair codes to copy? You can find Valorant crosshair codes from various sources, including online guides, forums, and resources shared by streamers and pro players.
  5. Can I export my own crosshair code in Valorant? Yes, you can export your crosshair code by going to the crosshair section in Valorant settings and clicking the export button next to “Crosshair Profile.”
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