How to Locate Coal in Minecraft

In the realm of Minecraft, daylight offers a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, yet the same world can transform into a daunting and eerie place at night, particularly for newcomers. Thankfully, understanding how to find coal in Minecraft can significantly alter the situation in your favor. Coal serves as a vital fuel source for crafting various light-emitting objects and also functions as a material for crafting tools. Let’s delve into the topic of coal in Minecraft and explore its nuances.

Acquiring Coal in Minecraft (2022)

Coal ranks among the numerous ores present in Minecraft’s overworld, serving as the most prevalent fuel source within the game. In the following sections, we will discuss its uses, crafting possibilities, and mechanics.

Locating Coal Deposits in Minecraft

Coal is most commonly discovered within the caverns of Minecraft’s overworld. There are three primary methods to obtain coal: through chest loot, by defeating mobs, and by mining coal ore. Let’s delve into each of these techniques in detail:

Chest Loot in Specific Locations

  • Coal can be acquired as an item by stumbling upon in-game chests in specific locations.
  • Such chests are found in the following areas:
    • Dungeons
    • Mineshafts
    • Igloos
    • Shipwrecks
    • Strongholds
    • Ancient Cities
    • Woodland Mansions
    • Underwater Ruins
    • Villages
  • Notably, igloos and underwater ruins offer higher probabilities of containing chests with coal. Ancient Cities can yield up to 15 coal pieces in a single chest, whereas other locations generally provide a maximum of 8 coal pieces.

Obtaining Coal by Eliminating Hostile Mobs

  • If exploration is not your forte, you can obtain coal by defeating certain hostile mobs.
  • Coal can only be acquired by defeating Wither skeleton mobs.
  • Wither skeletons inhabit the Nether dimension and pose considerable danger. Unless you intend to create a mob loot farm, it’s advisable to avoid them and focus on traditional coal acquisition methods, such as mining.

Mining Coal Ore (The Easiest Approach)

Coal Ore Blocks

  • In mountainous areas, coal ore blobs generate between Y=136 and Y=320.
  • At ground level, the second set of coal blocks forms between Y=0 and Y=190.
  • The second set of coal blocks is often hidden beneath other materials, not exposed to the air.
  • Biomes do not influence coal spawn rates; the highest concentration is usually found around Y=95.

Image Credit : beebom

Crafting Coal in Minecraft

Since coal is naturally obtainable in Minecraft, crafting coal is typically unnecessary. However, if you somehow acquire a coal block, you can place it on a crafting table to yield 9 coal pieces. Similarly, if you possess a coal ore block and use a silk touch pickaxe, you can smelt it using a furnace to obtain coal.

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Crafting Recipe for Coal

It’s important to note that scenarios where crafting coal becomes relevant are uncommon in standard day-to-day Minecraft gameplay. Additionally, smelting coal ore yields only one coal piece, making it inefficient as a fuel source.

Utilizing Coal in Minecraft

The next natural question that arises for many players is how to utilize the coal they’ve obtained in Minecraft. Below are several ways to make effective use of coal within the game:

  1. Fuel
  2. Trading
    • Certain Minecraft villagers with specific professions, such as fisherman, armorer, toolsmith, weaponsmith, or butcher, occasionally offer emeralds in exchange for coal.
  3. Crafting
    • Coal is a common ingredient in crafting, enabling the creation of various useful items.
    • The subsequent section provides further insights into coal-based crafting recipes.

Crafting a Torch in Minecraft

In the early stages of Minecraft’s survival mode, crafting torches is a fundamental and essential task. Follow the crafting recipe outlined below to create a torch:

Crafting Recipe for Torch and Soul Torch

Utilize a crafting table or your inventory’s crafting area for the following steps:

  1. Place a coal block in a crafting space.
  2. Position a stick in the space directly below the coal block.
  3. This crafting combination yields a torch.
    • Additionally, using a piece of soul soil beneath the stick results in a soul fire torch, emitting captivating blue flames suitable for enhancing your Minecraft structures.

Minecraft torch (above) and Minecraft soul fire torch (below)
Image Credit: beebom

Crafting Various Items with Minecraft Coal

Aside from torches, coal plays a pivotal role in crafting the following items:

  • Campfire
    • By combining coal with sticks and log blocks, you can craft a campfire.
    • Campfires are utilized for cooking food and providing illumination.
  • Block of Coal
    • Assemble 9 coal pieces in a crafting space to form a block of coal.
    • This block functions as both a fuel source and an alternative coal storage method.
  • Fire Charge
    • Combine coal with blaze powder and gunpowder to create a fire charge.
    • Fire charges are employed to ignite fires and Nether portals within Minecraft.

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In Conclusion

Understanding how to locate, acquire, and utilize coal in Minecraft is crucial for surviving and thriving within the game’s dynamic world. Whether you gather coal from chests, defeat mobs, or mine coal ore, this versatile resource serves as a foundation for various essential aspects of gameplay, from crafting to providing illumination and fueling essential furnaces.

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