JSW Steel Aims to Acquire 20%-40% Stake in Teck Resources’ Metallurgical Coal Unit

JSW Steel, a prominent player in the Indian steel industry, is actively pursuing a notable investment opportunity. The company, led by Chairman Sajjan Jindal, intends to acquire a substantial stake—ranging from 20% to 40%—in Teck Resources’ metallurgical coal unit. This move comes in collaboration with renowned Japanese and Korean mills. The ambitious venture revolves around the acquisition of a stake in Teck’s Elk Valley Resources, an esteemed Canadian metallurgical coal unit. Impressively, the collective bid placed by JSW Steel, alongside its Japanese and Korean partners, places an impressive valuation of $8 billion on Teck’s Elk Valley Resources.

Image Credit: The Financial Express

Strategic Importance of the Acquisition

Securing a significant stake in Teck Resources’ Elk Valley Resources bears profound strategic significance for JSW Steel. The acquisition aligns seamlessly with JSW Steel’s overarching objective of consistently sourcing metallurgical coal. This key raw material is indispensable for the steel production process and holds the key to realizing JSW Steel’s ambitious capacity target of 50 MTPA in India by the conclusion of this decade.

Quality Advantages and Expansion Goals

Sajjan Jindal, the visionary chairman of JSW Steel, lauded Teck’s metallurgical coal for its superior quality compared to the available options in India. Jindal’s foresight underscores the potential synergies between JSW Steel and Teck’s Elk Valley Resources. In JSW Steel’s annual report for the previous fiscal year, Jindal had articulated the company’s intent to augment its capacity by an additional 9 MTPA within the next two years. This expansion initiative would culminate in elevating JSW Steel’s overall capacity within India to an impressive 37 MTPA by the timeline of 2024-2025.


JSW Steel’s ambitious endeavor to secure a substantial stake in Teck Resources’ metallurgical coal unit underscores its strategic foresight and determination to propel its growth trajectory. The collaboration between JSW Steel and its Japanese and Korean counterparts adds further momentum to this substantial investment move, projecting a valuation of $8 billion for Teck’s Elk Valley Resources. The envisioned synergy between these industry giants paves the way for enhanced raw material sourcing and fortifies JSW Steel’s path toward achieving its formidable production capacity targets.

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