Korean Air Introduces Passenger Weighing Before Boarding for Flight Safety

Korean Air has announced a unique safety measure involving the weighing of passengers and their luggage before boarding flights. This practice aims to assess the average weight of passengers along with their carry-on items to enhance flight safety and performance. The decision is in alignment with governmental airline regulations and is not intended to discriminate or body shame passengers.

Image Credit: India Today

Limited Time Practice:
The passenger weighing procedure will be implemented for a short duration, approximately a week.

Airport Locations:
The initiative will take place at two of South Korea’s busiest airports: Gimpo International Airport (August 28 – September 3) and Incheon International Airport (September 8 – September 19).

Voluntary Opt-out:
Passengers uncomfortable with the weighing process can choose to opt out by informing airport staff.

Regulatory Mandate:
The decision is mandated by the airline regulator and aims to collect data on weight distribution for flight safety.
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Data Analysis:
Collected data will be used to analyze the impact of passenger and luggage weight on aircraft safety, fuel consumption, and flight performance.

The weighing process will be conducted anonymously, with passengers’ identities and weights kept confidential.

Data Sharing:
Data will be shared with the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Similar Precedent:
Air New Zealand introduced a similar weighing program earlier, emphasizing its importance for secure and efficient aircraft operation.

Air New Zealand’s Approach:
Air New Zealand’s practice involved weighing more than 10,000 passengers on long international routes, with privacy maintained.

Air New Zealand assured passengers that their weight would not be visible, easing potential concerns.

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Korean Air’s decision to weigh passengers before boarding aims to enhance flight safety by understanding the impact of passenger and luggage weight. This practice is in line with global airline regulations and follows the example set by Air New Zealand in prioritizing secure and efficient aircraft operations.

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