Unique ATM Scam Story in Delhi: Stay Alert to Protect Your Money

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Just a couple of days ago, my cousin had an unsettling encounter at an ATM in Delhi. As she approached the machine, there was a man finishing up his transaction. It seemed like a normal scene until things took a sinister turn.

After the man completed his transaction, he moved to a corner of the room and began counting his money. This took an unexpectedly long time, and my cousin, who was in a hurry, politely asked him to step aside. He seemed to oblige, moving a bit away from the machine.

With a sigh of relief, she entered her card and began her transaction, attempting to withdraw a mini statement. But in a flash, her card was snatched away by the man who had just been counting his money. Shocked and scared, she demanded her card back, and he reluctantly returned it before making a swift exit. Strangely, there was no security guard around to help or intervene.

In less than 20 minutes, my cousin received a notification on her phone stating that a whopping ₹24,000 had been deducted from her account. Confused and anxious, she realized that she hadn’t made such a transaction. Her last transaction was merely ₹500. Panic set in as she examined her card, only to realize that it wasn’t hers. Her card had been swapped with another one, and it had all happened in the blink of an eye.

Frightened and unsure, she immediately informed her parents and reached out to bank staff for guidance. They advised her to revisit the ATM, which she did, accompanied by a few friends. This time, to her surprise, there was a security guard stationed outside the ATM. Her friends and she inquired about the absence of a guard during her previous visit. He fumbled for words, failing to provide a credible explanation. They sensed something fishy and pressed further, requesting information about his supervisor.

The guard, seemingly uneasy, invited them to his house after his shift. They agreed, and upon arriving, they found that he lived with other security guards. The group questioned him again, hoping for clarity, but his answers were evasive. It became apparent that the guard was hiding something, and suspicions arose about his involvement. Tensions escalated, and amidst the growing intensity, one of my cousin’s friends lost his temper and slapped the guard.

At this point, the group didn’t know the full extent of the situation that had unfolded inside the ATM. One of the other guards cautiously inquired about card swapping, revealing a vital clue. The pieces started falling into place – the guard was complicit in the scam. Faced with the threat of a police complaint, he finally confessed to his involvement, admitting that he had received ₹3,000 from the other man.

However, the story doesn’t end there. My cousin’s friends were determined to seek justice. They reported the entire incident to the police, highlighting every detail. Shockingly, they learned that this incident wasn’t an isolated one – it was the fourth in a series of similar events in the area. The police assured them that they would review the CCTV footage and retrieve the stolen money, but as of now, no money has been returned.

This alarming scam seems to be spreading at an alarming rate, often involving security guards. It serves as a stark reminder to remain vigilant when using ATMs. Protect your hard-earned money by being cautious and aware. Stay safe, and always double-check the surroundings before conducting any ATM transactions. Scam awareness is essential to keeping your finances secure.

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