Will Delhi be placed under complete lockdown during the G20 Summit?

New Delhi: With only one week till the G20 Summit begins in the national capital, rumors on social media circulated that a full lockdown would be imposed in the city to reduce traffic congestion. However, Delhi Police disputed such allegations on Thursday, saying that rumors about the city being shut down from September 8 to 10 for the G20 Summit are “factually not correct.”

According to Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa, as a number of heads of state and international organizations arrive, the Delhi Police have established a controlled zone in the New Delhi district.

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The Delhi Metro is recommended by the police

However, the police have encouraged people to take the Delhi Metro. “With regard to the G20 summit, rumors are circulating that Delhi will be under lockdown at that time.” It is not factually correct. Because a number of heads of state are visiting and international organizations are joining, we have established a ‘Controlled zone’ in the New Delhi district. For three days (8-10 September), all commercial establishments in this region were closed. We have been recommending that folks take the Delhi Metro. Residents of the restricted zone who show a valid ID will be allowed to move. “There are no restrictions on the movement of essential commodities through the Delhi borders,” Suman Nalwa remarked.

The Delhi Police Department is ready for any terrorist threat

“Vikrant, our logistics van equipped to handle any law and order situation, will be deployed.” To deal with protestors, we have outfitted PCR vans and logistic trucks with chain cutters. “We are completely prepared,” Nalwa said.

She added that despite the fact that all security situations are extremely tight, Delhi Police will effectively host this worldwide event.

Foreign Delegates’ Virtual Help Desk

To provide delegates and other tourists visiting the national capital with real-time traffic updates, Delhi Police launched a virtual assistance desk on Tuesday.

According to police reports, the entire New Delhi district will be a “Controlled Zone-I” from 5 a.m. on September 8 to 11:59 p.m. on September 10.

As part of the G20 Summit preparations, the Centre and the Delhi administration are working closely together to welcome dignitaries from around the world.

Security Plans Are in Place for the G20 Summit

Suman Nalwa, speaking on the preparations for the next G20 meeting, detailed the security arrangements planned for the huge event.

When asked how security officials would handle potential protests or security challenges during the event, she responded, “All security arrangements are already tight, and to further strengthen security, the logistic van Vikrant will be deployed, which will be used to deal with impromptu protests.”

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