Converting SBI Credit Card Payments to EMI: A Comprehensive Guide

Converting SBI Credit Card Payments to EMI

In the realm of finance, the conventional method of shopping involves a straightforward transaction: you like something, pay for it via credit card or cash, and you’re done. However, SBI Credit Card holders have the option to convert their payments into manageable EMIs, providing a much-needed financial relief. This article delves into the intricacies of SBI’s EMI conversion process, exploring its methods and benefits.

Steps to Convert SBI Credit Card Payments to EMI:

1. FlexiPay Option:

SBI offers FlexiPay, enabling cardholders to convert one-time or multiple transactions into EMIs within 30 days of purchase. The process involves:

  • Minimum transaction value of ₹500, with a minimum booking value of ₹2,500.
  • A 2% one-time processing fee, ranging from ₹249 to ₹1,500.
  • 22% per annum interest, subject to change at SBI’s discretion.
  • Flexible tenure options of 6, 9, 12, 24, and in specific cases, 36 months.
  • Monthly instalments reflected as Minimum Amount Due (MAD) on the statement.
  • Non-payment of MAD incurs a 3.35% late payment fee.

2. Merchant Store No-Cost EMI:

SBI’s Merchant Store No-Cost EMI allows seamless conversion with no processing fee, down payment, or paperwork. Key points include:

  • Billing executive processes the transaction under EMI at the time of purchase.
  • Manufacturer cashback reduces interest, making repayment easier.
  • No significant limitations, apart from the exclusion of reward points.

Drawbacks and Limitations:

  • FlexiPay eligibility limited to primary cardholders, excluding certain categories like fuel.
  • Credit limit adjusts based on FlexiPay amount, processing fee, and GST.
  • FlexiPay activation post-purchase prevents waiving off processing fees.
  • Merchant No-Cost EMI excludes access to reward points.

If you are unable to resolve kindly visit SBI.

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While challenges exist, SBI ensures the advantages of converting credit card payments into EMIs outweigh the drawbacks. In uncertain times, this option empowers individuals to fulfill their financial wishes without immediate upfront payments.

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