How to Reset Your Samsung AC Remote: Quick Solutions in 3 Steps

How to Reset Your AC Remote: Quick Solutions in 3 Steps

Is your AC remote acting up and in need of a reset? If you’re struggling to make it work despite pressing all the buttons, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through three easy steps to reset your AC remote and regain control of your air conditioner.

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Steps to Reset Your AC Remote:

1. Use the RESET Button (If Applicable):

Locate the RESET button on your AC remote. Hold it down for 3-5 seconds to swiftly reset the remote. Some remotes may have a small reset button; use a paperclip to press it for 10 seconds. If your remote lacks a reset button, try other methods.

How to Reset Your AC Remote: Quick Solutions in 3 Steps

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2. Remove and Replace Batteries:

Remove the batteries from your AC remote and leave them out for 5 to 15 minutes. This action resets the remote. After the waiting period, insert new batteries (usually AAA or AA), ensuring correct polarity. Reattach the back cover, and your remote is reset.

How to Reset Your AC Remote: Quick Solutions in 3 Steps

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3. Troubleshoot and Reprogram (If Necessary):

  • If the reset doesn’t work, reprogram the remote. Refer to AC remote codes and charts to find the correct code for your unit.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles blocking the remote signal’s path to the AC unit.
  • If your remote has flashing lights, try changing the batteries. Dead batteries can cause malfunctions.
  • If the remote remains faulty, consider purchasing a new one. Make sure it matches your AC unit’s model or opt for a universal remote and follow the programming instructions.


Resetting your AC remote doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot and regain control. If you encounter persistent issues, it might be time for a replacement. To find AC remote codes for all brands of split system air conditioners or window-mounted air-cons, check this informational page with AC remote codes and charts to find your AC unit’s exact remote code.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When should I reset my AC remote?

A1: Reset your AC remote if buttons aren’t responsive or if there are delays in controlling your air conditioner.

Q2: How can I reset my AC remote using the RESET button?

A2: Press and hold the RESET button for 3-5 seconds. If there’s no button, use a paperclip on the reset hole for 10 seconds.

Q3: What’s the battery removal method to reset the remote?

A3: Remove batteries for 5-15 minutes. Reinsert new batteries (AAA or AA) correctly, ensuring proper polarity.

Q4: Why do I need to reprogram my remote after a reset?

A4: Reprogram if the reset doesn’t work. Refer to AC remote codes. Ensure no obstacles block the remote’s signal.

Q5: What if my AC remote has flashing lights?

A5: Change batteries; dead batteries can cause malfunctions. If issues persist, consider a new remote, ensuring it matches your AC model or opt for a universal remote and follow programming instructions.

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