ICICI Bank Debit Card PIN Change: Easy Steps to Enhance Your Account Security

When you open an account with ICICI Bank, you’re offered a debit card tailored to your financial needs. While the bank sends the card and PIN separately, you don’t have to wait; you can generate and activate your debit card PIN for added security. Learn the seamless methods below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change ICICI Debit Card PIN:

1. iMobile App Method:

  • Download and log into iMobile App.
  • Navigate to “Services” > “Card Services” > “Generate Debit Card PIN.”
  • Enter account number, debit card details, CVV, and new PIN.
  • Confirm the PIN and click “Submit.”

2. Internet Banking Method:

  • Log into ICICI Bank internet banking.
  • Select “Generate Card PIN” > “Generate Now.”
  • Provide account, card details, CVV, and registered mobile number.
  • Verify with OTP, enter desired PIN, and confirm.

3. ATM Method:

  • Visit an ICICI Bank ATM.
  • Swipe card, enter current PIN, and choose “Generate/Change PIN.”
  • Enter OTP sent to your mobile.
  • Set new PIN, confirm, and select “Submit.”

4. Customer Care Method:

  • Call ICICI Bank at 1800 200 3344.
  • Choose preferred language and debit card option.
  • Opt for “Generate Debit Card PIN.”
  • Enter OTP, set your new PIN, and confirm.

Please visit ICICI bank for further information.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there any charges for changing the ICICI Bank debit card ATM PIN?

  • No, all methods (internet banking, iMobile App, ATM, and customer care) are free of charge.

2. What to do if my ICICI credit card is stolen?

3. Can I change my registered mobile number at an ATM?

  • Yes, visit an ICICI Bank ATM, enter existing mobile number, OTP, and new number for verification.

4. Is ICICI Bank debit card PIN change possible at any ATM?

  • No, it can only be done at an ICICI Bank ATM, ensuring security measures are followed.

5. My ICICI Bank debit card PIN is blocked due to multiple wrong entries. What should I do?

  • Wait until 12 a.m. for automatic unblocking or call ICICI Bank customer care for immediate assistance.

6. Will changing one debit card’s PIN affect others?

  • No, the change only applies to the selected card, ensuring others remain unaffected.

Ensure your ICICI Bank account stays secure with these simple steps for changing your debit card PIN. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ICICI Bank’s customer care for any concerns.

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